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To help celebrate the titles in our Top Five Favorite Games of 2013 list, we are going to be giving some of them away to you, just for listening to our show. Tune in to the next episode of the Digital Ensemble for details on how you can win copies of Outlast or 140. You can catch the show when it airs Tuesday at 11PM on Wax Museum Radio, or you stop back here on Wednesday.  As always be sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed, or directly in iTunes.

Big things coming, sorry we’ve been quiet!

We’ve been really quiet here at Extra Guy, and for that we’re sorry. But there are big things in the background, we promise. Once they’re ready, we’ll post them up and let you guys have at it. The team is really excited to pull the trigger, but we have to keep it quiet for just a little bit longer.

In the meantime, two members of the team have continued writing on other websites. Anthony is currently over at Indie Games and Wayne has made his way onto the Armless Octopus team. You can follow both of them on Twitter as well, Anthony’s handle is @hangongetready while Wayne is @wanyodos.

If you’re still with us, thanks for sticking around. If you aren’t, well, you can’t read this. But somehow know that we’ll be coming for your attention once again.

Thank for keeping us going,

The Extra Guy staff

‘I’ll 8 your bit for a thousand dollars’ – Lebowski chiptunes, anyone?

It’s no secret that here at Extra Guy, we love the chiptunes. It’s not as well known, however, that we also love the 1998 cinematic classic ‘The Big Lebowski’. So consider us pleasantly surprised by the recently-revealed existence of Chipocrite’s 8-bit Lebowski — a reimagining of the soundtrack found in the seminal Coen Brothers film.

“Entirely arranged for one Game Boy running LSDJ, ’8-Bit Lebowski’ is dedicated to all the Achievers out there who have faith that the bums DON’T always lose,” reads the album’s Bandcamp page. “Please, enjoy it, down through the generations, westward the wagons, across the sands of time until we — aw, look at me, I’m rambling again. I hope you abide.”

Expect to hear your favorite songs from the movie, such as “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” by Sons of the Pioneers, “Hotel California” by The Gipsy Kings and “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition. An exchange of five dollars gets you a copy of the six-track album, though Chipocrite would probably appreciate real money and not a satchel filled with dirty laundry when it comes time to pay.

Escape Goat 2 in development cell but can’t be held for long

There’s little room for debate that MagicalTimeBean is among the top developers to have graced Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Games platform with their work on the Soulcaster games, but Escape Goat took things to a whole new level. We don’t love it just because the abbreviation of the game’s title and our website’s name match. The game’s puzzles were intelligently designed — they were challenging enough that the solution required work to reach and the player always felt smart once they figured it out. Lucky for us then that the developer has revealed a sequel is coming.
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There’s No Time To Explain!

Despite being out since last year the now freshly Green-lit and roaring(well, maybe screaming) to go, Tiny Build Games’ first title No Time To Explain is ready to get down to business. Dropping you right in your room that has been torn into by a your future self who is quickly snatched by a giant crab leaving you only a large laser gun and a lot of questions. From there what I thought was going to be some sort of shooter was a pleasant surprise in disguise as a puzzle platformer (with boss fights too!) that has you using your powerful beam to traverse the levels full of pitfalls, spikes, and fun hats to wear!

I was watching this game some time ago and ended up missing out on it’s original release, so I’m glad this Steam release came about to remind me. You can check out more about the game at the Tiny Build Games website or download it on steam for $9.99.

Moonshot Games returns to PAX East, new game revealed

It’s been nearly two years since Moonshot Games last made contact with the outside world. It was rumored by some that they disbanded as a studio, while others would have had you believe they lived up to their name and relocated to the lunar surface. Neither of those are true as it turns out. They’re still around, and they’ve announced a new game.

Third Eye Crime is Moonshot’s newly announced project. It’s a ‘game noir’ stealth/puzzle game for the iPad with a telepathic main character that has a penchant for stealing art. It’s described at great length in the developer’s announcement post.

Master art thief Rothko has a unique gift: the ability to read minds. With this talent he can infiltrate any location, make off with any prize. But he has attracted the attention of a shadowy master criminal known only as “Caravaggio,” and he is about to be pulled into a city-wide conspiracy. But who is behind it all? And who is playing whom?

Third Eye Crime is Moonshot’s unique take on the stealth/puzzle genre. Use Rothko’s telepathic abilities to sneak your way through 8 chapters of crafty, heisty fun. Outplay and outwit clever AI that are hell-bent on keeping their stuff!

Featuring gorgeous noir-inspired graphic novel interstitials and an original soulful jazz soundtrack, Third Eye Crime is a fiendishly clever stealth puzzle game with a serious noir twist.

The game will be on the showfloor at PAX East 2013 in Boston this March. We’ll be sure to jump on the demo build and let you know what we think about it. Third Eye Crime is set to release in the Spring.

Top 5 upcoming Games of 2013 – Number 1

Top 5 Upcoming Games Day 3 2013

Sometimes a game looks good, and you know you’ll play it. Other times a game looks like winning the Super Bowl on the back of a dinosaur while shooting lasers from your eyes (wait, why isn’t that game?). This list represents that game for 2013. We’re pretty excited about our choices — will you be as well?

There’s even more picks, you know, since this was a Top 5 list. Two and Three came yesterday, while Four and Five came the day before that. But you’re here for the main event. Read on!
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Best selling XBLIG games of 2012 revealed

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has revealed the top 20 selling Xbox Live Indie games on his blog, and we’re unsurprised to find that almost half of the list is made up of crafting titles. If we’ve learned anything here at Extra Guy, it’s that XBLIG gamers love crafting games.

We’re sad that standouts like Bleed and Gateways didn’t make it on, but it’s hard to make room for them when quality games like Don’t Die Dateless Dummy are present. But we digress. Check out the full list after the jump.
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Top 5 upcoming Games of 2013 – 2 & 3

Top 5 Upcoming Games 2013 Day 2

Did our fifth and fourth picks for the top upcoming games of 2013 get you excited? We hope so, but if not, maybe today’s picks for three and two will!

Be sure to tune back in tomorrow for our top picks for 2013! For now, venture on to see our choices dear reader!
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Top 5 upcoming Games of 2013 – 4 & 5

Top 5 Upcoming games of 2013
Hundreds, if not thousands of games come out every year, though not every one is created equally. That’s why lists like our Top 5 Favorite Games of 2012 are compiled, or like the list that’s starting with the words you’re reading right now!

We’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on what’s coming down the road, and while we can’t know every game that’s on its way, we can get excited about those we do know about. That being said, here are today’s picks: Numbers 4 and 5 are kicking off this list in style.
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