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Mega Man X Coming to iOS

Good news for iOS users. Capcom’s famous blue bomber is coming your way this month. Mega Man X is making it’s way onto iDevices with what looks like a rather different art style than it’s console counterparts. Mega Man X for iOS will be based on the “current feature phone version” of the game.

Special features unique to the touch screen will include GameCenter support for ranking and 80 challenges to complete.

No word on an official release date yet, but be sure to keep your eyes out and check out the rest of the screen shots over at Famitsu.


Source: Andriasang

Get your hands on some free Retro City Rampage tunes now

We’ve all been waiting patiently for a release date on VBlank’s Retro City Rampage since we had a chance to check it out at PAX 2010. The company has released two trailers since then, but unfortunately we are still in the dark about when the game will be coming to XBLA and WiiWare.

In the meantime however, we can tease ourselves just a little bit more with some of the soundtrack of the game which has become available on soundcloud. The page features several tracks from the game available for either streaming or downloading. The tracks are available for free at the moment so head on over and jam out to those and some remix contest winners.

According to the page, the full soundtrack will be available in January or February 2012. Is this indicative to when we might see the game released? One could only hope.

Source: Joystiq

Joe Danger Special Edition coming to XBLA

Lookout Xbox owners, Hello Games’ well received Playstation Network title Joe Danger is coming your way. The developer is bringing the title to Xbox Live Arcade with extra bonus content including new levels, new environments and new characters.

Joe Danger Special Edition features over 100 levels from the original PSN version in addition to the XBLA exclusive “Insane Laboratory”, which adds more than 50 new levels not available in the original version.

The game will put you in the shoes of Joe Danger, a stuntman ready to take on whatever challenges that can be thrown at him.

For more information and some extra pictures of the game, check out Hello Games’ website or check out the trailer above.

Steam offers Bastion on sale for half the price

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to play the critically-acclaimed title Bastion created by indie developer Supergiant Games, the timing couldn’t get any better for you to get into the action RPG. Steam is offering a 50 percent discount on Bastion until November 3, bringing the price down from $15 to $7.49.

If you’re still not convinced, check out our review of the game on Xbox Live Arcade. Act fast, as you only have until the end of tomorrow to take advantage of this offer.

Source: Joystiq

‘Little Indie’ Online Distribution Platform Launches

We’re all about indie games here at Extra Guy, so when something is released to promote and raise the profile of the genre, we get pretty excited. The new service Little Indie will make managing and reading about new releases from independent developers much easier.

The service which can be accessed via the web or through a downloadable client will provide summaries and reviews for participating indie titles, as well as the ability purchase and download games. The platform will also keep high score lists, handle achievement systems, and provide automatic updates to the games managed through its client.

If you’re looking for a place to add some new blood to your gaming libraries, or you just want to support the indie community, this might just be the best place for you to start looking. Check it out over at littleindie.net

2011 ‘PAX 10′ Indie Games Selected

After reviewing more than 100 entries, a panel of experts has handpicked the “PAX 10″; which is what they believe to be ten of the best indie game submissions for this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, WA.  The developers of these titles will receive free booth space at the game show.

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to, and here at Extra Guy we’ve covered a few of these games in the past so be sure check out the list after the jump and stay tuned for more coverage.

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Nimbus making it’s way on to PSN as Nimbus+

You might remember the well-received title Nimbus when it was released on PC last year. Well, it looks like PSN users will get their chance to make their way through the racing/puzzle game soon.

Noumenon Games revealed yesterday that they’re working with Sony to bring an enhanced version of the game, titled Nimbus+ to PSN. The game will feature improvements to “areas that were lacking” in the PC version or cut due to lack of time; as well as new content.

The game places you in control of a flying object. The goal is to make your way through the levels and solve the puzzles along the way that will allow you to get there. The object must interact with the environment or other objects to keep flying.

Noumenon is planning on bringing the improvements added to Nimbus+ to the PC, but which features will be added is still undecided.

Source: DIYGamer

Minecraft Pocket Edition makes an appearance

It may be time to prepare your thumbs for some serious crafting. As if the Minecraft 1.6 update wasn’t exciting enough, the creator of the game, Markus “Notch” Persson posted an image on Twitter this morning showing a “Pocket Edition” of the game running on Sony Ericsson’s Android powered Xperia Play gaming smartphone.

The game appears to have graphics on par with the desktop version, which makes one wonder if the game will be compatible with the current wave of multiplayer Minecraft servers.

It seems we’ll have to wait for E3 for a live demo, but Mojang was nice enough to post some footage up on Youtube today. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

Sony Reveals Dual-Screen Honeycomb Tablet

Sony has announced a new type of product that some people may say is a step toward the future. The recently revealed Sony S2 clam-shell tablet comes equipped with dual 5.5-inch displays able to work en masse or independently to accomplish that multi-tasking you couldn’t quite achieve with your current tablet. This could be especially useful for games where it would be advantageous for one screen to be bound to the display while the other houses the controls and game stats; or times where you may want  two apps like a notepad and web-browser open at the same time.

The S2 will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb and allow access to the much anticipated PlayStation Suite allowing you to play classic PSOne titles as well as the plethora of games available on the Android Market. Rumors say the device will boast 3G connectivity, dual-core Tegra 2 processors, and a rear-facing camera. The rumors also state the S2 will retail for what translates to about $824 which may seem a bit steep to some.

The tablet will allow access the PlayStation Network and use DLNA to send content to wireless enabled speakers or televisions.

The device has a UK release date of “Autumn 2011″ so keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon.

Source: techradar

Survey Shows Tablets Primarily Being Used For Gaming

It’s not really a shocking surprise, but a recent survey taken by Google’s AdMob has revealed that the most common task those blessed with a tablet have been using them for is to relieve some stress blowing up their enemies or solving the latest puzzle. The survey — which polled over 1400 users — showed that 84% of tablet users are using their hardware for gaming among other tasks.

It’s not as if we don’t know the main appeal of smart mini-device operating systems and their capabilities; though, it is surprising to see that the majority of tasks on the devices are for personal entertainment. Oddly enough, the survey showed that only 51 percent are taking advantage of the multimedia capabilities of their devices.

Expressing my own opinion here, I’d venture to say tablets (especially once the market is even further saturated with them) may be able to take in a much larger part the gaming market that Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android have been aiming for, and maybe even get into some of the traditional handheld gaming market. The tablet offers users a gaming experience that can not be achieved through other gaming hardware; a large interactive area which can be used for whatever the developer’s imagination desires. We’ve already seen new types of interactive storybooks and a unique set of games. This platform — especially with more powerful hardware — will also allow for more traditional games (like the titles to be available on Sony’s Playstation Suite for Android devices) to be brought over as well; or even better, a combination of both.

These features, the advancement of the power of the hardware being used to run these devices, and best of all, the option for developers to explore new ways of controlling their games without publisher pressure indicates to me a very strong future for tablets as a new kind of portable gaming device. Look forward to the future Extra Guy readers. It’s gonna get crazy.

Source: Destructoid