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GIVEAWAY: In honor of Extra Guy hitting 4000 tweets!

Guess what, Internet? Our Twitter account has reached 4000 posts! We’re pretty excited. So we’re going to hold a giveaway!

This giveaway is going to be a gigantic swag bag from PAX East 2013. If we can collect it while in attendance this weekend then it will be included in the package. We don’t know what will be in it yet, but we have appointments set up with a ton of developers. We’re sure it will be full of good stuff, and when we get new items to include we’ll update with pictures via our Twitter feed.

It’s pretty easy to win. All you have to do is follow us @extraguy and tweet at us with the hashtag #EG4000Tweets at the end. Want an example?

4000 is a ton of tweets! @extraguy #EG4000

We’ll pull the winner via random drawing on Wednesday, March 27, who we’ll contact by direct message on Twitter. Don’t be shy — join us in celebration!

‘I’ll 8 your bit for a thousand dollars’ – Lebowski chiptunes, anyone?

It’s no secret that here at Extra Guy, we love the chiptunes. It’s not as well known, however, that we also love the 1998 cinematic classic ‘The Big Lebowski’. So consider us pleasantly surprised by the recently-revealed existence of Chipocrite’s 8-bit Lebowski — a reimagining of the soundtrack found in the seminal Coen Brothers film.

“Entirely arranged for one Game Boy running LSDJ, ’8-Bit Lebowski’ is dedicated to all the Achievers out there who have faith that the bums DON’T always lose,” reads the album’s Bandcamp page. “Please, enjoy it, down through the generations, westward the wagons, across the sands of time until we — aw, look at me, I’m rambling again. I hope you abide.”

Expect to hear your favorite songs from the movie, such as “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” by Sons of the Pioneers, “Hotel California” by The Gipsy Kings and “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition. An exchange of five dollars gets you a copy of the six-track album, though Chipocrite would probably appreciate real money and not a satchel filled with dirty laundry when it comes time to pay.

Escape Goat 2 in development cell but can’t be held for long

There’s little room for debate that MagicalTimeBean is among the top developers to have graced Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Games platform with their work on the Soulcaster games, but Escape Goat took things to a whole new level. We don’t love it just because the abbreviation of the game’s title and our website’s name match. The game’s puzzles were intelligently designed — they were challenging enough that the solution required work to reach and the player always felt smart once they figured it out. Lucky for us then that the developer has revealed a sequel is coming.
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Moonshot Games returns to PAX East, new game revealed

It’s been nearly two years since Moonshot Games last made contact with the outside world. It was rumored by some that they disbanded as a studio, while others would have had you believe they lived up to their name and relocated to the lunar surface. Neither of those are true as it turns out. They’re still around, and they’ve announced a new game.

Third Eye Crime is Moonshot’s newly announced project. It’s a ‘game noir’ stealth/puzzle game for the iPad with a telepathic main character that has a penchant for stealing art. It’s described at great length in the developer’s announcement post.

Master art thief Rothko has a unique gift: the ability to read minds. With this talent he can infiltrate any location, make off with any prize. But he has attracted the attention of a shadowy master criminal known only as “Caravaggio,” and he is about to be pulled into a city-wide conspiracy. But who is behind it all? And who is playing whom?

Third Eye Crime is Moonshot’s unique take on the stealth/puzzle genre. Use Rothko’s telepathic abilities to sneak your way through 8 chapters of crafty, heisty fun. Outplay and outwit clever AI that are hell-bent on keeping their stuff!

Featuring gorgeous noir-inspired graphic novel interstitials and an original soulful jazz soundtrack, Third Eye Crime is a fiendishly clever stealth puzzle game with a serious noir twist.

The game will be on the showfloor at PAX East 2013 in Boston this March. We’ll be sure to jump on the demo build and let you know what we think about it. Third Eye Crime is set to release in the Spring.

Best selling XBLIG games of 2012 revealed

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has revealed the top 20 selling Xbox Live Indie games on his blog, and we’re unsurprised to find that almost half of the list is made up of crafting titles. If we’ve learned anything here at Extra Guy, it’s that XBLIG gamers love crafting games.

We’re sad that standouts like Bleed and Gateways didn’t make it on, but it’s hard to make room for them when quality games like Don’t Die Dateless Dummy are present. But we digress. Check out the full list after the jump.
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New Owlboy video shows off OST and environments

All of 2012 went by somewhat sadly without the release of Owlboy, especially given its placement on our Top 5 Upcoming Games for 2012 list. The good news, however, is that it’s now a hotly anticipated game for 2013.

D-Pad Studio has released a new video showcasing the soundtrack and the game’s detailed environments as they close in on the final steps of development.

“We’re closing in on Spring at dangerous speeds, and we’ve started setting our final goals for development of Owlboy,” D-Pad wrote on their website. “We will release more footage from the game soon, and we hope to also be able to create some sort of comparison video, where we’ll try to explain all the polish that Owlboy has gone through since the demo was released in 2011. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are.”

The demo has been removed from D-Pad’s site because it’s “outdated” when compared to the new, polished build, but you can still pick it up on Fileplanet if you’re so inclined.

Antichamber coming at the end of January

Why does it seem like every first-person game has to be a shooter? Though several developers have ventured out of the “S” when compared to the usual build of an “FPS” — see Portal, Mirror’s Edge — few games have really pushed the envelope in terms of how far from ‘shooter’ they’re willing to go. Antichamber could be the next big example of that phenomenon.

The stark, solid colored environments may look simple, but they hide a meticulously crafted and brain-frying underbelly. Referring to the game as a First Person Puzzler doesn’t do the preview build we played at PAX Prime 2012 justice. It’s a psychological adventure — a mind-warping experience that sucks you in like few games can because it was built with how people think in mind.

“Creating a game about how people think proved to be extremely difficult,” developer Alexander Bruce told Polygon. “I think about the world in a certain way, so I would build the game assuming that others would think like that too, but every time I showed the game off at conventions I’d realize how wrong many of my assumptions were. Then I’d have to go back and remodel parts of the game based on how people actually interacted with it.”

Antichamber will release on Steam for PC on January 31, though no price has yet been revealed.

Source: Polygon

Derrick the Deathfin washes up on PC and Mac shores

Differentcloth’s Derrick the Deathfin was criminally ignored when it released on the Playstation Network back in October of 2012. We’re just as guilty as the rest of the gaming world with our lack of attention. It’s a shame, too, as we’ve since bought the game and found it to be quite enjoyable. That said, the game is getting a second chance in the form of a release on PC and Mac.

The unique, papercraft graphics and easy-to-pickup swim-and-collect gameplay are the game’s strongest features. Check out some videos if you’re on the fence about this one to see if it’s for you. The game is available right now for a price of $7.99.

Hitbox to follow up Dustforce with Spire, an FPS


How does an independent studio like Hitbox Team follow up on the success of one of 2012′s best 2D platformers? Why, by making a first-person shooter of course!

The new game is titled Spire, and while it is an FPS you’ll find it’s got more in common with Mirror’s Edge than Call of Duty.

“We want Spire to exude a sense of exploration and mystery,” Hitbox wrote on their official blog, “but also promote flashy and skillful play. In our discussions about game design, we tend to agree that the ‘best’ way to play a game should look and feel cool.”
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Danimal Cannon and Zef team up for Parallel Processing, out now

Hot off the heels of his late-2011 solo-debut Roots, Danimal Cannon has teamed up with fellow chiptune artist Zef and released a joint-effort named Parallel Processing.

“Parallel Processing refers to not just the joining of two Gameboy processors together, but the combined efforts of different musical minds as well,” according to the album’s Bandcamp page. “Danimal Cannon and Zef combined their powers together buddy system style in order to create an album that neither one of them could have created on their own.”

Those who favor thumping Game Boy-composed chiptunes (or were simply a fan of Danimal’s and/or Zef’s previous albums) should be tripping over their own feet to get their hands on these tracks. The eight-track release is available on Bandcamp under the Ubiktune umbrella, both digitally (for $8) and as a physical release (for $10).