There’s No Time To Explain!

Despite being out since last year the now freshly Green-lit and roaring(well, maybe screaming) to go, Tiny Build Games’ first title No Time To Explain is ready to get down to business. Dropping you right in your room that has been torn into by a your future self who is quickly snatched by a giant crab leaving you only a large laser gun and a lot of questions. From there what I thought was going to be some sort of shooter was a pleasant surprise in disguise as a puzzle platformer (with boss fights too!) that has you using your powerful beam to traverse the levels full of pitfalls, spikes, and fun hats to wear!

I was watching this game some time ago and ended up missing out on it’s original release, so I’m glad this Steam release came about to remind me. You can check out more about the game at the Tiny Build Games website or download it on steam for $9.99.

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