New Owlboy video shows off OST and environments

All of 2012 went by somewhat sadly without the release of Owlboy, especially given its placement on our Top 5 Upcoming Games for 2012 list. The good news, however, is that it’s now a hotly anticipated game for 2013.

D-Pad Studio has released a new video showcasing the soundtrack and the game’s detailed environments as they close in on the final steps of development.

“We’re closing in on Spring at dangerous speeds, and we’ve started setting our final goals for development of Owlboy,” D-Pad wrote on their website. “We will release more footage from the game soon, and we hope to also be able to create some sort of comparison video, where we’ll try to explain all the polish that Owlboy has gone through since the demo was released in 2011. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are.”

The demo has been removed from D-Pad’s site because it’s “outdated” when compared to the new, polished build, but you can still pick it up on Fileplanet if you’re so inclined.

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