Let your Momonga Pinball Adventures begin tomorrow

Momonga Release
Do you remember the genre mashing pinball action adventure game Momonga Pinball Adventure we revealed last February? If your interest was as piqued in the stylish looking adventure and have hopes that it can stand out similarly to fun pinball/adventure games like Kirby’s Pinball Land or Sonic Adventure then we have some good news for you, the release date snuck up on us and drops tomorrow the 17th on iOS!

For a mere $0.99 you will be able to bounce, fly, and enjoy nine levels of story mode following the hero Momo barely escaping an owl attack on his home village on his quest to stop the owls and win back his tribe as well as play through an infinitely generated bonus level. You can read more about Momonga Pinball Adventures at the Paladin Studios website or pick it up on the app store.

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