Escape Goat 2 in development cell but can’t be held for long

There’s little room for debate that MagicalTimeBean is among the top developers to have graced Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Games platform with their work on the Soulcaster games, but Escape Goat took things to a whole new level. We don’t love it just because the abbreviation of the game’s title and our website’s name match. The game’s puzzles were intelligently designed — they were challenging enough that the solution required work to reach and the player always felt smart once they figured it out. Lucky for us then that the developer has revealed a sequel is coming.

Escape Goat 2 won’t deviate from the formula that made the original game so enjoyable. You’ll still be tasked with solving single-room puzzles with the help of the rat who wears a magic hat. There will be additional hats with new powers, however, which should open up the door to all sorts of new situations to put the player in. The graphics will also see an overhaul, with assets designed by Randy O’Connor of Walking Mars fame.

A level editor will be a part of the game, much like it was for the PC release of the original, though integrated sharing is currently a “maybe”.

“This is yet to be decided, since something like this could delay the release by over a month,” MagicalTimeBean’s Ian Stocker told PC Gamer. “It’s possible that it will be added after launch if I don’t have time to get it into version 1.0. I’d really like something like this, because there are some amazing user-created levels for EG1, but I bet most players don’t know where to find them (hint: my forum at”

Escape Goat 2 will release at some point in 2013 on PC. Stocker told Extra Guy that it may end up working its way toward other platforms, but there are currently no plans to make this a reality. The game’s roots as an XBLIG title make us hungry for a console version, but we’ll have to just play the PC version in the meantime.

Source: PC Gamer

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