Anodyne Preview

If you’re looking for a new adventure to take part in that may be a bit on the weird side, Anodyne might be right up your alley. Created by Sean “Seagaia” Hogan and Jon Kittaka it lies in the vein of Zelda and Yume Nikki (which I was un-aware of till now) with top-down action taking you through dreamscapes and dungeons of your character named Young’s dream world.

Anodyne has you waking up in a dream world and set out in a quest jumping into portals to locations in the world(dream world?) where you meet other travelers, obtain a weapon that happens to be a broom, and explore dungeons filled with puzzles and monsters. Gameplay is very true to the Zelda/adventure formula with well thought and laid out puzzles occasionally involving the aforementioned broom sweeping dust to block traps and smart level design to guide your path while teaching you new techniques required for the upcoming dungeon areas. The world of Anodyne is mysterious and foreshadowing with eerie occurrences and music to match the mood of the setting with only the occasional joke from an NPC to lighten the mood from time to time.

There isn’t currently a release date for Anodyne but the duo is aiming for a late Fall 2012 release. Until then you can check out more information about Anodyne over at the official website and download a decently lengthy 15-20 minute demo (requires Adobe AIR to be installed) that should give you a good a good taste of what it is about.

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