Choppy and me are Friends ’til the End!

C'mon Choppy

Tribute Games, creators of Wizorb attended this past weekend’s MolyJam, a 48hour game jam and created a quick little game called Friends ’til the End. In Friends ’till the End you play a boy named Bobby and his best friend, a remote controlled helicopter named Choppy. Unfortunately Bobby has just discovered that Choppy is equipped with a nuclear missile and needs to get Choppy to a scientist that can disarm the missile.

The gameplay involves you controlling both Bobby and Choppy at the same time while jumping pits, dodging obstacles, keeping the batteries full, and keeping Choppy in range of the remote. The gameplay isn’t difficult but I suggest using a controller to alleviate the frustration I had with jumping the pits. The visuals are MSX style and well animated and the simple soundtrack is oddly infectious. The crash animation must be seen to be believed. You can easily finish the game in about 10 mins, but I wouldn’t complain if they revisited Friends ’til the End to add more levels.

You can read more about Friends ’til the End at Pixeltao’s website and download it at the MolyJam Website

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