Jet Set Radio retains more than half of its licensed music… we think

Were you wondering how much of Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack was going to make it to the recently revealed re-release? Would “a little more than half” be an acceptable answer?

We don’t have a specific number to cite due to conflicting reports, but the early word looks good. Joystiq is reporting that Sega told them the game will have 16 out of the original game’s 30 tracks. The word from Siliconera is that 70 percent of the music has been retained. This news also came directly from a Sega representative.

Apparently it was too costly to reacquire the entire soundtrack, and some publishers were even unavailable to do business with.

It was also revealed that this version of the game — which releases this Summer — would include Batam Street and Grind Square, also known as the levels developed specifically for the US and European releases.

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