Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet likely PC bound

If you’ve been holding out for a PC version of FuelCell’s fantastic Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, it appears you may be in luck. An ESRB rating for the game has gone up.

The game has been rated E for Everyone. We regard the game quite highly here at Extra Guy, making it one of the top selections in our Favorite Games of 2011 list. It’s an accolade that’s well deserved since, you know, we liked it enough to give it an ‘A’.

We’re going to contact FuelCell and see if we can get something in the way of official confirmation on this. In the meantime, check out the Xbox Live Arcade demo if you’re curious about this one.

UPDATE: While not official confirmation, the Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Twitter feed has tweeted this article with a winky-face at the end. We have a strong feeling about this one.

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