World’s worst Minecraft ripoff lacks depth, mining, crafting, grammar, and scruples

After our miniature-exposé on Crafted, we here at Extra Guy figured we were over the hump when it came to shifty Minecraft exploitation. How wrong we were. A new Minecraft “clone” has surfaced called MoonCRAFT Mine which, on the outside, looks like a pretty faithful, if not completely ripped-off clone of Minecraft. But going deeper, it’s worse. So dishonestly much worse:

That, my friends, is a photo gallery of Minecraft screenshots, menus full of Minecraft screenshots, a Minecraft Steve head icon, and underneath all that, a treacherously bad 2-D black and white game, having nothing to do with crafting at all, or Minecraft, or anything that anyone attracted to Minecraft might like to play.  The game is currently on sale in the iTunes App Store for $1.99, alongside a slew of other “titles” from the same developer.  Apple should get their act together on this, lest the reputation of mobile app stores be tarnished even further.

The video above, via Some Anonymous Twelve Year Old on YouTube, ends with a pretty succinct review of the game, or a very astute observation about the original Super Mario Bros.: “It’s 2-D. You jump. It’s so gay.”

[Correction: This article previously stated that the title was not available on the iTunes App Store.  The title is available there, and this article has been revised to reflect this fact.]

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