La-Mulana still coming to WiiWare, also coming to something else

Nicalis has been deadly quiet about La-Mulana on WiiWare since July, when they last gave us reasons for the delay. Now, the development blog has reassured the world that it is still coming to Nintendo’s console download service. And, eventually somewhere else as well.

The anticipated platformer is going to be a 2012 game (as you may have been able to guess), and the secondary, non-WiiWare version seems to be a PC or Steam release (which you also may have been able to figure out based on the screen above). We’re hoping for confirmation at some point in the future.

“Thank you all for being so patient and supportive of NIGORO and Nicalis as we wrap up La-Mulana and we apologize that we couldn’t release La-Mulana within 2011,” said the dev blog. “But no matter what, La-Mulana will be released on WiiWare. We don’t want any speculation suggesting otherwise.”

The confirmation that at some point in 2012 we’ll be exploring ruins with our Classic Controller’s or mouse and keyboard is great to receive. Hopefully we’re not here a year from now making a similar post.

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