2D Boy addresses XBLA concerns in an adult manner

There has been a vocal but growing faction of developers speaking out against Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade policies, recounting negative — and sometimes horrible — experiences while bringing their games to the platform. 2D Boy’s attempt to provide a helpful analysis of the situation is an interesting counterbalance to the vitriol we’re used to seeing.

Now, 2D Boy’s game never made it to XBLA to be fair. But World of Goo has seen success on WiiWare and iOS platforms. It’s a studio comprised of former-EA staffers. The analysis they posted is lengthy, in-depth and thought provoking, and we really hope it makes its way up the Microsoft food chain.

After surveying 200 indie developers, 2D Boy found that there was, in fact, momentum going away from the service within the sample set. The data they’ve collected toward the service having reached its peak in August of 2010, and has slowly been declining ever since.

Not only does the piece discuss the what, it also goes into the why and makes some suggestions on how to correct things. Stuff like contract negotiations and requiring developers to publish through Microsoft Games Studios are among the ideas on the chopping block, as is using the ESRB as a ratings system.

Source: 2D Boy

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