Sales for lilt line revealed, relatively disappointing

Developer Different Cloth has revealed the sales figures for their iPhone and WiiWare title lilt line, and they’re sadly not that great.

“lilt line’s price has remained pretty steady at £1.79 / $2.99,” said Different Cloth’s Gordon on the company’s blog. “You can probably work out by yourself that i am not a millionaire. Yet.

“So far the wii version has sold 3,756 copies in the US. If we don’t get past a threshold around twice that in America Nintendo will never pay us anything.”

These are the types of games that suffer from Nintendo’s (self-aware) lack of online focus. Hopefully the 3DS store will have some way to generate attention for unique titles like this. Nintendo could always start promoting its service a bit more, too. Even still, the iPhone version only sold 3,815 copies so far, so it can’t all be Nintendo’s fault.

It comes out tomorrow Friday, March 11 in Europe. Take our word for it — We thought it was a phenomenal game and worth a download.

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