Craftworld – The latest Minecraft clone to surface

This is NOT Minecraft...

And with success comes an army of imitators.

Craftworld certainly isn’t the first Minecraft clone we’ve come across, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Surely it can’t be that similar though, can it?

Q. What exactly is Craftworld?

A. Craftworld is a single player first person adventure survival game, where every block of terrain is not only editable by the player, but will most often be usable in crafting usefull items – The Craftworld FAQ

The FAQ goes on to acknowledge that right now the game does resemble a different “block world game”, but it says that when it’s done it will be the most unique on the market. No details are provided on what features we can expect in the next two installments to push that claim toward reality.

The game is slated for April and will be on Xbox Live Indie Games on the Xbox 360, PCs and Windows 7 phones. We have a trailer after the break.

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