Gaijin Games going in “totally different” direction post Bit.Trip

Gajin Games is a studio known only for its work on the Bit.Trip series at the moment, but company CEO Alex Neuse believes that will change once development has wrapped up.

The team just released Bit.Trip FATE today and is currently hard at work on the sixth and final entry in the series. Neuse told Extra Guy in an interview to expect something completely different from them afterward.

“But I think after the Bit.Trip series is complete you’re going to see something totally different from us,” Neuse said. “We definitely aren’t a retro studio, we don’t only make retro games, we don’t only make rhythm/music games. It just so happens that’s the first thing we did.

“We’re going to try to branch out a little bit and flex our creative and business muscle a little bit and do something a little bit more ambitious than the stuff we’ve done so far.”

It has already been confirmed the studio has 3DS development kits. Perhaps we’ll see what they’re up to next in the third dimension.

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