Ed Fries creates Halo 2600

Ever wonder what the Master Chief’s adventures would have been like, oh, 30 years or so ago? Ed Fries, former VP of publishing at Microsoft, has made that dream a reality with Halo 2600.

The game is available in Flash form at Code Mystics — click the link to play. Players explore the game world with the arrow keys and shoot with the space bar. Expect to see tiny pixelized versions of all your favorite enemies, like Grunts or Elites. There’s something charming about the chiptuned version of the iconic Halo chant that precedes the game as well.

The game will also be available at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas — which is holding its second and final day today — in Atari 2600 cartridge form. It’s being said there were only 500 of these suckers made, so snap one up if you have the means to do so. Those who would prefer to play in their own emulator can download a file of the game here.

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