Sledgehammer Games new Call of Duty is an FPS

Not enough first-person shooting on your plate? Well, Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming title in the Call of Duty series is now confirmed to be an FPS.

The genre of Sledgehammer’s project was revealed through their website. There were rumors they might have been expanding the series into a slightly different genre, with third-person shooter leading the way. Apparently this isn’t the case.

As of now the project is an unknown quantity. One has to wonder if Activision is planning a Call of Duty MMO, with CEO Bobby Kotick’s recent comments are taken into account.

This means three teams are currently toiling away at Call of Duty games. Infinity Ward, despite their staff exodus, is still on the series, and Treyarch is hard at work on Black Ops. Is this the beginning of the oversaturation of the series we prophesized a few months back?

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