E3 2010: Mielke to Microsoft: You f’d up

Microsoft’s E3 conference this year could be described nicely as ‘lackluster’, and it’s likely few can defend its worth or find true merit when holding it up to its competition. In fact, some of the developers working on Kinect seem to feel the same way.

Stephen C Webster over at Trueslant had a conversation with Child of Eden’s producer James Mielke about the game, and his response is as candid as a response can be.

“Yeah, Microsoft fucked up big time,” Mielke said with a grin. “They had a chance to feature it for Kinect but decided to focus on family-friendly games like what’s on Wii. They weren’t expecting everyone to react so negatively. After we showed off our game at UbiSoft, the Microsoft people came to our booth like, ‘Oh, oh wow.’”

Apparently Shigeru Miyamoto (of just about everything Nintendo fame) checked the game out during his usual yearly E3 walk-about and called it the ‘game of the show’.

Webster dug a bit further, expressing his disappointment with Kinect’s shown software lineup and how it reverberated through the rest of the press as well. He also told him that Child of Eden might be enough to warrant a purchase of the camera despite this. Mielke agreed.

“Lots of people were saying that — except, you don’t even need Kinect to play it.”

Of course, he’s referring to the fact that the game supports the standard Xbox 360 controller. It will also appear on the Playstation 3, but no Move support is planned at this time. The game appears to be pretty far along development, and according to Mielke’s estimates, the currently unknown price of the device will be announced long before the game hits retail.

“[Eden] will be out before next year’s E3, probably like Spring 2011. It sounds like a long time but, for me, looking at it from the inside, that’s not long at all.”

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